View Full Version : Princess Mary's baby's stem cells saved

11-27-2005, 11:49 AM

November 27, 2005 - 5:54AM

Stem cells from the umbilical cord of Australian-born Princess Mary's baby son have been preserved in a Denmark hospital, possibly as insurance for the child's future health.
The medical team at Copenhagen University Hospital are understood to have collected and stored cord blood from the boy immediately after his birth, The Sunday Telegraph reported.
Crown Prince Fredrik's chamberlain Per Thornit revealed the hospital had been entrusted with the baby's blood sample in a letter to a company that had offered to provide the service, the newspaper said.
Stem cells collected from umbilical cord blood has been used to treat people with life-threatening illness such as leukaemia.
The Palace has declined to comment.
Princess Mary's son - as yet unnamed - is second in line to the Danish throne.