View Full Version : Call for ban on acne drug linked to suicide

09-21-2005, 04:59 PM
Call for ban on acne drug linked to suicide
By Adam Fresco
http://images.thetimes.co.uk/images/trans.gifTHE mother of a talented student who committed suicide after taking an anti-acne drug that has been linked with scores of deaths around the world is calling for it to be banned.

David Roberts, 20, had been taking Roaccutane for three months when he was found hanged from a tree near his home in Allerton, Liverpool.

NI_MPU('middle');Data collected by the World Health Organisation indicate that Roaccutane has been implicated in 720 reports of psychiatric problems, including more than 100 suicides and suicide attempts.

Figures supplied by Roche, the manufacturer, show that it has received reports of 84 suicides and suicide attempts, it has been reported.

David’s mother, Anne, said that she had no idea how dangerous the drug was. She told Liverpool Coroner’s Court: “I absolutely believe that David’s death was directly due to the drug he was taking.”

After the hearing Mrs Roberts added: “From what I have since learnt it is clear this drug is a danger to young people. There are too many people suffering from adverse reactions to this drug. We hope the ministers for health in the UK and EU will take action and carry out a thorough investigation. How many more people have to die before they take action?

The Department of Health should revoke the licence to prescribe Roaccutane. A company that manufactures these drugs aimed at young people should be at the inquest to answer to the families. You would think they would want to defend it, Instead they didn’t even show the decency to accept the coroner’s invite to the inquest.” Roche Pharmaceuticals was rebuked by Andre Rebello, the coroner, for not turning up. Mr Rebello said: “As Roche were one of the properly interested parties they were advised to come to this inquest. They didn’t even acknowledge my letters