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Sue Pendleton
02-05-2002, 08:21 AM
It's being heard by the full Senate Judiciary Committee at 2pm EST. Testimony offered by:

Witness List
Hearing before the
Senate Judiciary Committee
"Human Cloning:
Must We Sacrifice Medical Research in the Name of a Total Ban?"

Tuesday, February 5th, 2002
2:00 pm, Dirksen Senate Building, Room 226

Panel I

The Honorable Dave Weldon (R-FL)
United State House of Representatives

The Honorable James C. Greenwood (R-PA)
United States House of Representatives

Panel II

Dr. Irving L. Weissman
Chair, Panel on Scientific and Medical Aspects of Human Cloning,
The National Academy of Sciences and
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, CA

Professor Henry T. Greely
Stanford University Law School
Stanford, CA

Professor R. Alta Charo
University of Wisconsin Law School
Madison, WI

Kris Gulden
Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research
Washington, D.C.

Andrew Kimbrell
Executive Director
International Center for Technology Assessment
Washington, D.C.

Father Kevin T. FitzGerald
Georgetown University Medical Center
Washington, D.C.

Kris Gulden will be representing not just the CAMR but those with SCI. For those who think only professional lobbyist testify in congress, Kris is an ex-cop now injured and in a chair and has done some fundraising before. She has wanted to help for along while and so had left her name and address with Patricia Morton who is with the Quest For Cure group. In this case we had only a few days warning so having people near the nation's capital and state capitals willing to testify is desperately needed. These politicians need to hear from the people they serve, US. So if you are willing to do anything in your state or in DC please let people know. You can always email me too and I'll pass your name along to whoever needs it.

BTW, this will most likely be broadcast live on CSPAN or CSPAN-2. Tune in and see how our government works in action. Just remember a lot of the action goes on behind closed doors later on too. And that is where emails and faxes help. Written letters are currently being delayed due to being irradiated for possible anthrax contamination.

Again, for those who have not written yet, try this site that does most of the work for you.


You can mail a print copy, they will fax it for you or you can copy and paste into the addresses listed in:


Near the top click on Members for email addresses, etc. And again, CC your home state senators.

And remember, we support THERAPEUTIC cloning not REPRODUCTIVE. Although if you do support reproductive feel free to mention that if you must.

Thanks to all in advance. Without the science, all the money in the world will not get rid of these chairs.

Sue Pendleton