Just stuff of stuff pics

  1. Bootcamp graduation day
  2. Levi marine photo
  3. new tat
  4. Vic with me on my standing frame
  5. First run on the stim bike (ergys)
  6. Vic, the little ham
  7. What can I say, he keeps me warm
  8. New tat
  9. Handcontrol shot in the Ford Escape
  10. New wheels for the Escape
  11. Tak'n Vic out for a ride
  12. Ready for the snow
  13. Out of my Quickie and on to my Polaris
  14. First day with the Harley
  15. Dam2Dam ride 2008
  16. Service dog graduation day
  17. Stanley my service dog
  18. Stan the man
  19. Playing on the farm
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