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  1. riding at morro bay california, 2010
  2. Day 10 at University of South Carolina.  I qualified for a research program and they were incredible.  I actually got better in 10 days!!!  Stopped...
  3. Willy and me at Morro Bay.  This is a great horse!!!
  4. my husband cutting the branch down for me to bring home.  It's my "memory branch". We stuck it in the ground as a memory to enjoy life, how quickly...
  5. boys petting my gelding (willy) at Morro Bay
  6. DSCF2938
  7. riding again after 3 years off my horse. 
I don't have any motor/light sensation below knee, but Thank God for muscle memory!
  8. one of our dogs looking out over a valley by our house
  9. my sons  29 and 30
  10. DSCF3453
  11. IMG 0161
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