Various Projects

Various Accessibility Projects from #DisabilityLab
  1. samiandnoah1
  2. Anti Tip (forward) arms designed for a friend so that when she reaches out in her wheelchair she does not tip forward and hurt herself.
  3. My son Noah with his iPad
  4. Custom 3d printed water bottle sleeve designed to provide better hand grip.
  5. Adjustable wheelchair jig.
  6. Leather bite guards for my sons arms to prevent him from drawing blood when he bites.
  7. Swimming pool float to allow my son to float and navigate around our pool.  Turns out escape from his parents is a big motivator.
  8. Modified Svan chair to that Noah can sit at the dinner table.
  9. Custom footplates
  10. Wheelchair bearing puller for someone with low hand tone.
  11. Custom Footplate for my son wheelchair for a drip to Disney.
  12. Custom Footplate for a friend of ours daughter for Christmas.
  13. Second custom wheelchair seat casting.
  14. Custom Wheelchair seat mold 3d printed, casting in progress.
  15. Custom wheelchair footplate, ABS plastic and longer then most.
  16. Custom cut wheelchair side guards to lighten my son's wheelchair
  17. Keyguard so a person with visual impairments can use an iPhone.
  18. Fixing iPads
  19. Picture of my kids, Noah in the wheelchair and Maya playing basketball.
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