Wheelchair mushing

Sky, my Labrador Retriever, pulls me in my new ride, a Tilite ZRc with a Freewheel attached.
  1. Training Leash & Elastic Necklace.  This is a 6' long 1/4" leash attached to an "elastic necklace".  This allows you to use both hands on the...
  2. Underchair rigging.  Tug line is a 6' long 3/4" leash with a bungee running through the leash handle.  The yellow item is part of a 1/2" garden hose...
  3. Here is the view as Sky and I are approaching.
  4. This is the view most people see; Sky realy clips along.
  5. Sky is pulling me up a hill here.  I am helping.
  6. Tilite ZRc with Freewheel attached.  On our recent vacation, Sky pulled me on a gravel road for about a mile.  The Freewheel made the road accessible.
  7. I have a big light mounted on the back.  This was needed when Sky and I went mushing through the redwood forests at Armstrong State Park about 70...
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