Family pics

All my family photos
  1. I was the strip search agent
  2. Michelle gettin jiggy with it
  3. My 2 boys
  4. Me and my love Michelle at our halloween party this year
  5. Me and Michelle again
  6. Michelle and her twin sister Melissa showin sum booty
  7. My fiance michelle and her twin sister on oiur way to Disney World
  8. My oldest son Branden
  9. My 2 sons in disney world
  10. Me kickin it in Disney World
  11. Me, my youngest son Kaden, my oldest son Branden and my neice TaMya
  12. My fiance Michelle lookin beautiful
  13. Us on the monorail
  14. Say cheese
  15. Bein fresh in the Park
  16. One big Rino!
  17. Doin some grillin at home. We love a good cookout
  18. Michelle bein HOT
  19. Branden, Kaden, and Tigger
  20. The happy family
  21. Me and my two kids
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