a little of me

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  1. neachy my new pup  
breed- Amstaff x American staffy
  2. me an great mate Ben Jones - Townsville Troy Dunn PBR 2011 
check out BadBoy Ben Jones on fb or pbrnow.com - This lad is my inspiration in life, i...
  3. what can i say-the lady's love me
  4. nothing like fresh spices an veg from the box. its fun an rewarding
  5. Race day in the Fosters VIP tent drinking Crown larger top shelf beer.
  6. haha me an Darrel Chong PBR bull fighter - i'm drunk lol
  7. Townsville PBR 2011 VIP seats with me good mate Adam
  8. new chair. Areoz-series 2 TiLight.
  9. Foxy an me.. bam
  10. standing long side the fire. 
winter 2011
  11. new chair.
  12. my new Caldwell® DeadShot® FieldPod™ with my .223 Howa 1500. ill tell you its worth buying. you can find them at http://www.cabelas.com/
  13. out the back of my place.
  14. Jackelyn an I
  15. Bonnie wants to be a jockey too lol.
  16. TAZ. my old pig dog.. she wall 11yrs old. 
pitty x mastiff
  17. at the tattoo shop.  
dam quad body
  18. dragon
  19. why quads should not try go down pub stairs ..
  20. halloween .. its a yank thing but its fun . 
oh thats a straw too :p
  21. very fun night
  22. going up for a spot of pig hunting the easy way
  23. easy way to get around
  24. pig hunting the rough way
  25. rode both these bulls to win that night ...
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